Helps For Musicians

I want to be able to help other musicians in any way I can.  I’ve set up this section of my site to do just that.  I will have ongoing columns: one for bands and one specifically for keyboardists with musical tips, theories and ideas.  My emphasis will be on helping keyboardists and other players to improvise in a live band setting.  Improvising live is an interesting undertaking and it doesn’t just apply to jazz musicians.  I will try to give some helpful hints for how to do this more effectively.  Whether you are in a cover band, original band, you play at your church, or you jam with friends on the weekends, these hints should help you to play more effectively with others and realize your musical potential.  Often times it’s not how much you can play or what you play that will get you called back for a gig or a jam.  It’s what you don’t play and how you interact with other players (both musically and personally).  I’m here for you, so if you have a question or a topic you would like covered, contact me on the CONTACT page and I will do my best to incorporate it into my next offering.  Also, you could write your question on my BLOG page if you’d like to get other people’s interaction as well.

I will also have extra articles dealing with subjects such as good health for musicians.  In the future, videos will be coming as well.  I hope these resources help you on your musical journey.  Keep jamming!

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