Rob Rinderer Select Discography

These are some of the projects Ive worked on. P=producer CP=co-producer S=songwriter A=arranger LV=lead vocalist BV=background vocalist K=keyboardist M=mixing engineer

Miranda Beautiful Night 2014 K
Scott Wilkie All In 2014 K
Revival Band The Coronation EP 2014 P, A, K, M
Hanz Ives Under The Banner 2014 K
Keith Felch Mirrored Response 2013 P, S, A, BV, K
Blood, Sweat And Ink Blood, Sweat And Ink 2013 S, K
Harvest Films Hope For Hurting Hearts 2013 CP, S, A, K, M
The Sweet Comfort Band The Waiting Is Over 2013 S, K
Raymond Gregory Your Mercy To Me 2012 K
David Van Workum We Will Sing 2012 P, A, K, M
Kristen Castro The Heart Palette 2012 K
Mark Cullen Enduring 2011 K
The Harvest Worship Band The Promised One 2011 K
Mark Cullen Adore 2010 K
Holy Trinity Church Silent Night, Heavenly Peace 2010 BV
Dean-O And The Dynamos Seekermania 2010 BV
The Harvest Worship Band Enter In 2010 CP, K
Jet Velvet Jet Velvet 2010 K
Matt Bissonette Life Of The Party 2009 K
Norm Stockton Tea In The Typhoon 2009 K
Chuck Smith Hymns Never Grow Old 2009 K
Megan Manoram Spilt Milk And Cookies 2008 K
Harvest Films Lost Boy DVD 2008 P, S, A, BV, K
Rick Springfield Venus In Overdrive 2008 K
Yazzie Jay Wild At Heart 2008 K
Serranova Beautiful Night 2008 K
Harvest Kids Next Step 2007 P, A, BV, K
Kim Daniels Between The City And The Sea 2007 K
Dean-O And The Dynamos Salvation Speedway 2007 BV
The Harvest Worship Band Praiseworthy 2007 CP, K
Gina Stockton All That I Can Bring 2007 K
Miranda Worship Two 2006 K
The Outtengrand Orchestra A Dangerously Groovy Christmas 2005 P, A, K
Ten By Tuesday Tearing Down The Walls 2005 CP, S, A, LV, BV, K
The Harvest Worship Band When We Meet 2005 K
Coast Hills Community Church Called 2005 P, S, A, LV, K
Ric Flauding Escape 2005 S
The Rob Rinderer Project Feel Like An Alien 2004 P, S, A, LV, BV, K
Miranda Worship One 2004 K
Cara Marie Never Alone 2004 K
Mark Lindsay The Last Midnight Ride 2004 BV, K
Carrie Rinderer Made New 2004 CP, S, A, K
Alfie Silas America The Beautiful 2004 K
The Harvest Worship Band Harvest Christmas 2004 CP, K
Dean-O And The Dynamos Game Face 2003 BV
Mitch Ross The Gift 2003 A, K
Eric Goetze No Place Like Home 2002 K
Dean-O And The Dynamos God City 2001 BV
Sheryl Briggs Brand New Way 2001 S, K
Jeff Jones You Are Life To Me 2001 K
Sound Scape South California 1999 K
Coast Hills Community Church Live Worship At Coast Hills 1999 CP, S, A, BV, K
J Hanz Ives For Our King 1999 K
Dean-O And The Dynamos Soul Surfin' 1999 BV, K
Justin Fox Angel Motel 1998 K
Dave Thrush Christmas 1997 K
Dean-O And The Dynamos You Got It All 1997 K
Mark Lindsay Video Dreams 1996 K
The Harvest Worship Band I Come To The Cross 1996 K
Ellen Hageness Drawn Into Your Presence 1996 P, S, A, BV, K
Calvary Chapel Music Worship Alive Vol. 1 1996 K
Darrell Mansfield Mansfield And Company 1995 K

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  • Everything you have produced has been gold. I did not know about Rick Springfield though. That is the only album of his I don’t have. lol

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